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Feb 19, 2017

Trump first rally after inauguration Why NO crowd overview at Melbourne, Fla

Feb 18, 2017 - After reading this you'll know why illuminati media didn't show any overview of Trump's first rally as president, in Melbourne, Fla.

Trump had in reality 30 not 63 million votes. "Clinton won the popular vote" with in reality less than 10 million votes, 98% of them solely to "stop Trump".
Clinton's final result will be 66.6 million. The current result, 65.9. millions, will be corrected after "Putin" fully self-detonates, in a remake of the staged "Maidan revolution" 2014:
"Navalny president, deposed Putin flees to Beijing and confesses to have rigged the US election to have Trump win".
All this was exposed by Last Prophet years ago. 

Trump: first rally after inauguration: Why NO crowd overview of Melbourne, Fla.
Illuminati still managed to get 40,000 to attend Trump's inauguration, the critical mass required to serve it as "nearly a million".
One month later, the script had Trump pushing both his classic and suicide bomber roles to new limits by the day.
This caused his support base to be nearly halved, now at around 10 pct, while served by media as five times higher (the bigger the lie the more people will believe it).
No wonder that only 2,000 came to his first rally as president, including the group of around 200 that during the "campaign" was always ordered to attend any Clinton rally. 

The bigger the lie ...: Applied to reporting the "crowd" at the Melbourne rally
Illustrated by "news" titled "Embattled Trump returns to strong suit: campaigning", which have no images at all.
The article suggests a huge crowd, no loss of support for Trump after the election:
"The rally locale had all the flair and anticipation of a campaign event from 2016: Thousands of supporters in line, women wearing red "Make America Great Again" hats, men in "Bikers for Trump" shirts, toddlers asleep on parents' shoulders, and plenty of Trump merchandise for sale
... car salesman Gene Huber, from West Palm Beach, said he was first in line, arriving at 4:00 am to see his Republican political hero.

Example: 45 min video - to confirm it just fast move the cursor along the preview bar
Feb 18, 2017 - Footage of Trump's rally in Melbourne, Fla.

Embattled Trump returns to strong suit: campaigning

Trump's inauguration broadcast ALONE reveals illuminati total control - contrast crowd with Obama 2009
Not one global TV news channel mentioned the fact that only 40,000 came (excluding those who had to attend because of professional reasons, such as secret service, shock police and US Navy choir). 
Same goes for any US national channel or any other channel around the world.
The omission of this fact ALONE reveals the same basic fact as ANY of the 10 never asked questions below.
Inaugurations: Trump 2017 v Obama 2009 and 2013
How many times smaller was Trump's crowd? The answer is:
- 20 v 2009, when 800,000 came to chant "Yes, we can";
- 6+ v 2013, when a cattle herd of 250,000 still came although the actor casted as "first black president" and suicide bomber was already detonating for 4 long years.

Clinton will be proclaimed the real 44tth president, after actors "black Obama" and "billionaire Trump" will be impeached and stripped, alias fully detonate as suicide bombers:
Clinton had her votes multiplied by EXACTLY 100 in the NY democratic primaries.
So much for "polls" and "elections".
Apr 20, 2016, on Hitler's anniversary: End Times Sign: 3 digits milestone for multiplying votes 

Jul 23, 2016

Tim Kaine's real name same as Hillary Clinton's real maiden name: HITLER.

Tim Kaine's real name same as Hillary Clinton's real maiden name: HITLER.
Hillary Cliinton is Hitler's oldest daughter and Merkel's half-sister, Kaine's first cousins once removed.
Kaine is one of Illuminati Grand Master's younger brothers. Kaine's resemblance to Alexander Adolf Hitler is undeniable.

How Howard Ronald Stewart Hitler was renamed to Tim Kaine
William Patrick Hitler's second son supposedly used the name Howard Ronald Stuart-Houston before stepping on stage as "Tim Kaine"..
Kaine is a fake name created to sound like KEIN/KEINE (negation in german) as well as the Bible's CAIN, fulilling the illuminati anti-bible. 

Kaine plays Himmler in a Clinton/Kaine parallel script to Hitler/Himmler
Illuminati history books have Himmler as the responsible for the Holocaust.
Kaine plays the role of organizing the "killed on the spot" final (BIG BANG) chapter: guillotines and gas chambers at the Walmarts, schools and stadiums specifically built to carry out the genocide.
Reminder of what the other chapter is, both to be carried out in sync: "super virus pandenic" hoax alias compulsory "vaccination".

Kaine may replace Cliinton to play "real BIG BANG Truman"
Kaine's current role as future Himmler can eventually turn into a parallel reverse script to (NO true man) Truman (KEIN wahrer Mann) 1945: the invisible vice months later "unexpectedly" becomes 33th (Kaine 45th) president.
Both Truman and his BIG BANG were fake: NO nukes at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, "just" huge conventional bombs.
On the other hand Kaine is casted in the real BIG BANG, where obviously there are also NO nukes in script. 
- the only nukes in the unfolding "End of USA" and coming "BIG BANG" scripts were  detonated long ago: 9/11 2001, at the basement of the "WTC towers impacted by airliners".
- in any case Hitlery Clinton will be proclaimed the real 44th president, successor of GW Bush, after "Obama arrested" and stripped.

How Kaine fulfills the illuminati anti-bible
After reading this you'll know why Kaine stepped on stage with these headlines: "Kaine wows crowds on day one as Clinton running mate".

Cain to Kaine: Line of Blood vs Bloodline
In the line of blood, Kaine stands for closure while Cain stands for day one:
- Cain commited the first murder ever, Kaine is casted as official organizer of the final act before the Bible "can undeniably be proven false".
In the bloodline, it's a reverse script:
- while Cain was Abel's older brother, Kaine is the younger brother of Abel the sheperd, alias the illuminati Grand Master.

Why "Kaine was a former christian missionary in Honduras"
At this point the "christian missionary" line in script no longer needs an explanation. As for "in Honduras":
Neither blacks nor muslims but rather 50 million hispanics are scripted as the largest group to be exterminated during the USA genocide.
It will start, in yet another chapter of the anti-bible, with the resurrection of Osama Bin Laden in Jerusalem, crucified to the missing Boeing 777 and the staged arrest of the Obama Bi-nla-den's presidency

Kaine wows crowds on day one as Clinton running mate . has photo of "Tim Kaine"

Illuminati's wikipedia:
Responsibility for the Holocaust
...though there was no single military department in charge of the Holocaust, the SS under Reichsführer-SS Himmler was the closest.

Cain and Abel in the Bible

55 million - The Hispanic population of the United States as of July 1, 2014, making people of Hispanic origin the nation's largest ethnic or racial minority.

Name of current Illuminati LEADER: REVEALED WORLDWIDE first:
Alexander Adolf Hitler is the current Illuminati Grand Master.
He uses several fake identities, two of them as "english Sir" and one as "american patriot".

For Hillary (named to sound like her father) start here
NO actress plays Angela Merkel's mother, Gretl Braun alias Herlind Kasner: WHY exposed worldwide first

Talk of VICEs: after NICE, France:
Manhunt from muslims to blacks: Undeniable evidence:
Miss Alabama and Trumpence on stage on a day Of Last Trumpets in the illuminati anti-bible: all predicted 2009

Obama Biden alias Osama Bi(nla)den presidency comes to an end with the BIG BANG, the ultimate reversal of illuminati scripts
What follows Obama Bin Laden's resurrection, crucified to a Boeing 777

Added one week later:
Tim Kaine 10 pack balloons Texas crash hoax: PROOF: no limits for Illuminati jokes at end of show

Multipliers at the end of the show: recreate nazi crowds for 2016 Hitler milestones: Erdogan rally, Clinton votes

Feb 5, 2016

Fixed Super Bowl 50 for dummies Cam Newton goes from Superman to Incredible Sulk

Fixed Super Bowl 50 for dummies
Reminder of Last Prophet's words not only predicting but also explaining it.

Super Bowl 50 sponsored by Turkish airlines
Illuminazis mocking the Obamanation of Desolation. just before the BIG BANG.

Black Panthers: quarterback Cam Newton will go from hero to zero
Part of the same script as "Broncos white shirts" vs "Panthers black shirts", white shirts always win.
Agenda: "white elders supervising manhunt for blacks", about to start, with Obama's staged arrest and "US shutdown": termination of food stamps for 40 million blacks.

White elder Peyton Manning goes from "on drugs" to superman
Oldest quarterback ever to play and win a Super Bowl: "Peyton Manning's very last game" is a reverse script of the "played on drugs" role in what was originally scrited as the very last SUPERBOWL 2014.

Beyoncé's half-time show
Last time the main agenda was satanic symbology in plain sight, same as the rest of the show since 2014 and the opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympics 2012.
This time the main agenda is the same as all headlines "black shot by police", all psy-ops staged with actors setting the stage for rioting blacks, alias the manhunt for blacks.

Global Genocide Symbology
That's one of the agendas for having the Denver Broncos win:
- the logo evokes the white horse in the Book of Revelations, the first of the four horses of the Apocalypse.
- Denver International Airport is one of the main locations used to pass truth in plain sight about how the show is to be terminated: the slaughter of billions.
Added after the "match"
Cam Newton Dressed as "The Death", parallel reversed script to captain of Korea Ferry.
Apr 2014 - South Korea Ferry captain first appearnace dressed as "The Death", as he was "arrested" two days after playing a key role in the mass murder of hundreds of teenagers, slowly drowning inside the capsized ferry. Climax of thisi lluminati ritual sacrifice of young blood: the death comes while talking to their parents on the phone,
Contrast it with the Panthers quarterback forced to dress the same way after he was forced to play "Scam Newton" in Superbowl 50, BEFORE the mass slaughter of blacks starts.

Cam Newton goes from Superman to Incredible Sulk in poor postgame showing
Cam Newton cries and walks out of interview after Kaepernick mocks him
Cam Newton walks out of Super Bowl press conference after giving one-word answers

People boycotted Beyoncé after her Super Bowl song sent a harsh message to police

In the worlds of illuminati media passing part of the truth in plain sight (no mention of the mural paintings or that one of the terminals is decorated with a massive statue of Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of death).
Atlas Obscura on Slate is a blog about the world's hidden wonders.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Denver International Airport, where the local time is 3:43pm. On behalf of outraged residents we'd like to draw your attention to the demonic blue horse rearing in rage on your left. His official name is Blue Mustang, but locals call him Blucifer. 
Blucifer, the Murderous Mustang of Denver Airport ... installed in 2008 ... it has ... come to represent death, destruction...
Denver airport itself has attracted some wild conspiracy theories over the years. ... Why are the runways shaped ... sort of .. like a swastika

The season ending with superbowl 50 will be declared a scam, not legit.
Superbowl, 2015: Patriots will be stripped, Seahawks proclaimed the real very last winners.

43-8: Illuminati Supreme Leader announces the impossible result two days in advance
Parody about Simulated Reality to terminate the world as the human cattle knows it

Marshall Plan, the resurrection of Germany with the largest capital injection a country ever got from another country: meaning revealed worldwide first

Jan 2016 - Super virus pandemic hoax: Zika follows ebola for mandatory vaccination: GLOBAL kill shot

Talk of titles at the end of the show:
Not even this beats America's pope, the Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation.
"Dick" Cheney currently plays "Yes We Will (Raise Taxes)" Bernie Sanders, Cliven Bundy and even a pope: the leader of all world's shi'a muslims, ayatollah Khamenei.
Lots of facts about US presidents exposed first by Last Prophet by simply listing Obama's official and unofficial presidential tables, present and future:
Obama, world's most lonesome president ever as presidential tables will show days after Obama's staged arrest.
Obama's presidential tables include ELEVEN where he's alone FOREVER - EIGHT of them officially.

Apr 2014 - South Korea Ferry sacrifice of young blood

Jan 6, 2013

George Bush Sr, Hillary Clinton: the accidental presidents paradox in the termination of the USA

George Bush Sr, Hillary Clinton: the accidental presidents paradox in the termination of the USA
Hillary Clinton vs "accidental" presidents
Hitler's oldest daughter knows that Obama will not complete his term in office and he will pass her the presidential title.
But unlike the 9 official "accidental" presidents; Hitlery Clinton:
1.- is not the vice-president;
2.- knows it for much longer than the other nine. In fact unlike the other 9, she will have to wait more than a term. 
3.- will not be added to the official list of accidental presidents. 
Reason: she will literally take the presidential title from "Obama", being declared the successor of GW Bush, the real 44th president since 2008.
Talk of George Bush and accidental presidents: that's a strong link between his father and Hillary Clinton in the script "Break-up the USA in 11 states".
George Bush Sr, the only accidental president script to be cancelled
George Bush Sr:
- was the 10th vice-president who also knew that he would become accidental president.
- knew that he would replace a murdered president, Same as 6 of the "accidental" presidents.
- was the only vice-president scripted as accidental president to have waited two terms. This is implied by the previous facts.
- didn't fulfill the original plan, because he became an elected NOT aan accidental president. This is simply the previously implied fact stated with other words.
George Bush Sr cancelled script: End Times Paradox
George Bush Sr, same as Hillary and unlike all accidental presidents, awaited more than one term. 
Unlike Hillary he waited two FULL terms, the reason why he didn't enter the club of the 9 "accidental" presidents. 
The script to turn George Bush Sr.into the very last accidental president was executed almost as quickly as the 32 days it took to put in place the very first "accidental" president. 
Yet illuminati cancelled the plan  after the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan.
It paradoxally resulted in almost 8 years grace time, the very last such period before America was abandoned for accepting the Mark of the Beast. 
Talk of End Times Paradoxes related to accidental presidents:
The ONE and ONLY TRULY accidental President -  the reduction from 9 to 1 who in fact is none of the 9.[/i].
Read more
- End Times Paradox: Accidental presidents: Fake Obamessiah was the FIRST and the LAST:
Read before:
Accidental presidents: ALL official 9 knew it prior to their predecessor's death (6 real and 2 staged) or resignation (only case: Gerald Ford)

Nov 12, 2012

GW Bush hiding and Romney "crowds" or why illuminati supreme leader changed 2012 president-elect script at the last minute

Published 11-12-2012
All "elections" from 1988 to 2008 were as originally scripted.
On the other hand:
GW Bush hiding and Romney "crowds" or why illuminati supreme leader changed 2012 president-elect script at the last minute
"Romney elected" was still the Illuminati A-plan in the days before the 2012 "election". Acts proving it include: (1)
- "Obama" detonating each day, from "sleeping at TV debates" to wife Michelle "Obama" assaulting sleeping white voters with TV ads to "Trump $5 million annoucement to Obama if he releases school records";
- "Tagg Romney"'s company buys voting machines, an act used to accuse president-elect "Romney" of fraud, impeach and "jail" "Mormon" "Mitt";
- "polls" predicting "RMoney's" victory.
November 6 2012 - voting machines multiply by 11 not by 12 the RMoney "votes", a detail that means the illuminati postponed once again the launch of supervised ethnic civil war: "Obama" not "RMoney" wins, decided at the LAST MINUTE (2).
WHY was the 2012 election script changed at the last minute?  KEY to the answer: GW Bush hiding and Romney's "crowds"
GW Bush, President of the US from 2000 to 2008 and the Last President before the VERY LAST President of the US, Hillary Clinton (3), is hiding from the public for years now. 
For a good reason: in 2008 97% of americans deeply hated him, if he showed in public it would not last two minutes before he would be running for his life.
But who noticed it?
That helps to understand:
- why illuminati religion can claim to have achieved the goal of endless deception;
- what will happen after the ethnic civil war is launched, in particular if the illuminati will not be able to supervise it and will happen inevitably after the act "Collapse of Banks with anhilation of savings and pension funds of human cattle" (4).
- why the illuminati Supreme Leader did not dare multiply by 12 (only by 11) Romney's votes. Or in other words why illuminati did not dare "elect" "Romney".
Illuminati realized that:
- it would be impossible to let whites swallow the "victory" of "Romney" BEFORE "Obama" fully detonates: after GW Bush the whites are no longer ready to swallow "Republicans" in the winner role;
- it would be too risky to try tp successfully supervise the ethnic civil war until the "citizens disarmed" agenda is again upscaled.
Reminder of "Romney"'s only crowd: 80% were the 6,000 diverted from the Biktoberfest at Daytona Beach with the promise of free drinks and food.
On "election" day, despite selling it as a draw, illuminati were able to gather only slightly over 1,000 to celebrate an eventual "RMoney" "victory". That is just the double of the average RMoney´s "rallies".
And that proves that the illuminati claim to have achieved the goal of endless deception is not completely justified.
(1) October 31; WILLARD toupee RMoney will be "elected" with 60+ million votes 45th president. What happens next?
reply of 11-06-2012 02:38 PM at:
(2) "Obama" cries non-stop: "Obama" was not psychologically prepared to carry the burden for a few more days than planned.
(3) The war will be launched shortly after Social Security defaults. Supervised riots.
"Obama" is accused of fraud, treason and murder, stripped of all titles, with Hillary Clinton declared 44th President, the succesor of GW Bush.
It will go FULL scale with "Obama" sentenced to "death" by SCOTUS.
(4) Brainwashed NATziO AIR FORCE pilots ready to bomb millions of US/EU citizens as revolt about to break.
World War III is as simple as this: illuminati air bombing 99% of the population:
**ALL** THREE stages began in Syria: 2011 airforce bombing own civilians, 2012 foreign mercenaries, 2013 massive chemical attacks:

More than *** 90% *** of the world population is ruled by ** Alexander ADOLPH HITLER **, born 1940.
Father's uncle of current Illuminati's LEADER is most widely known man in History, together with Buddha, Jesus & Muhammad.
His real name is exactly the same:

Jul 29, 2009

Jackie F. Kennedy - TRUE STORY revealed worldwide first - most successful piece in the End of the USA puzzle, using "Rewrite History"

Rewrite fake v Rewrite real History or Hillary Clinton v Jackie F. Kennedy

The illuminati are about to rewrite the fake "History" they just wrote 9 months ago, with "Obama" stripped of the 44th presidential title and Terminator Hillary Clinton replacing "Obama" as the President who came after GW Bush.

Before that happens they will begin to execute global genocide in Illuminatziland, alias Vaccination. 
Immediately after the detonation of fake suicide bomber "Obama" the illuminati will officially launch supervised ethnic civil war.

That is why explicitly revealing the key piece in the End of the USA puzzle, among those placed by the Illuminati using "rewrite History" techniques, should no more be delayed.

No, it is not the  "Hillary Clinton used to rewrite fake History" piece.  Everything about it was already explicitly explained and predicted by Prophet long ago. 
It is the "Jackie F. Kennedy used to rewrite REAL History" piece.

The TRUE STORY of Jackie F. Kennedy
The REAL STORY of Jackie F. Kennedy is the most successful piece in the End of the USA puzzle, out of all pieces placed by the illuminati using "Rewrite History" techniques.Why was that piece so successful? The answer goes well beyond the fact that until today nobody else identified it in public.
The solution to the first riddle revealed to be part of the murder of her son (1) should be enough to let you get what the TRUE STORY of Jackie F. Kennedy is. If that is not the case, then read additionally one or both these typologies: "ILLUMINATI MARRIAGES" (2) or "Rewrite History techniques" (3).

Not yet clear? One more hint: identifying the missing piece is not required to get the illuminati joke about Jackie's half-brother, released June 2009. (4)
Yet understanding that illuminati joke is useful to get what the REAL STORY of Jackie F. Kennedy is.

(1) http://illuminati-murders.blogspot.com/2009/04/john-f-kennedy-jr-murdered-full-story.html

(2) http://illuminati-marriages.blogspot.com/2009/04/illuminati-marriages-typology.html

(3) http://rewrite-history.blogspot.com/2009/07/rewrite-history-techniques-basic.html

(4) Illuminati Jokes: among the "thousands" that the police has so far "investigated" for children pornography(1), the first to be named is ... Jackie's half-brother.
June 9, 2009- "Jackie's half-brother eyed in kiddie porn scandal"
Example of CIA psy-ops "commenting" these "news", immediately after they were published:

In Forums engforum.pravda.ru

Nov 21, 2008

Murder of Robert F Kennedy and End of the USA - FULL STORY

In the end of the USA puzzle two facts make impossible to not immediately connect the murders of Robert F Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr.:
- both murders were only two months apart in the timeline;
- Robert F Kennedy speech at Indianapolis , first correctly identified as the ultimate End Times Information milestone in that puzzle, 40 years later, by End Times Prophet.
The same with the bloodline, which makes it impossible to not immediately connect the murder of Robert F Kennedy on June 5, 1968, with the murder of his brother John F Kennedy in 1963 and the murder of his nephew and John F Kennedy's son John F Kennedy Jr in 1999.

As the End of the USA puzzle is about to be completed, revealing for the first time the FULL story about this piece of the puzzle should be no longer postponed.
In other words, the time came to finally reveal all the HORRIBLE facts about the End of the USA directly related to the murder of Robert F Kennedy.

A first reason: the Indianapolis speech is NOT the only KEY fact proving how Robert F Kennedy appears in another piece of the puzzle, that appears in the timeline shortly before he was murdered. (to be continued; until then, any ideas?)

April 4, 1968: End of the USA Milestone and ultimate End Times Information milestone about the End of the USA

Answer: Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation.
TRUE Prophet Robert F Kennedy and End of the USA - revealed worldwide first
Update: see note of March 15, 2004.

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