Nov 12, 2012

GW Bush hiding and Romney "crowds" or why illuminati supreme leader changed 2012 president-elect script at the last minute

Published 11-12-2012
All "elections" from 1988 to 2008 were as originally scripted.
On the other hand:
GW Bush hiding and Romney "crowds" or why illuminati supreme leader changed 2012 president-elect script at the last minute
"Romney elected" was still the Illuminati A-plan in the days before the 2012 "election". Acts proving it include: (1)
- "Obama" detonating each day, from "sleeping at TV debates" to wife Michelle "Obama" assaulting sleeping white voters with TV ads to "Trump $5 million annoucement to Obama if he releases school records";
- "Tagg Romney"'s company buys voting machines, an act used to accuse president-elect "Romney" of fraud, impeach and "jail" "Mormon" "Mitt";
- "polls" predicting "RMoney's" victory.
November 6 2012 - voting machines multiply by 11 not by 12 the RMoney "votes", a detail that means the illuminati postponed once again the launch of supervised ethnic civil war: "Obama" not "RMoney" wins, decided at the LAST MINUTE (2).
WHY was the 2012 election script changed at the last minute?  KEY to the answer: GW Bush hiding and Romney's "crowds"
GW Bush, President of the US from 2000 to 2008 and the Last President before the VERY LAST President of the US, Hillary Clinton (3), is hiding from the public for years now. 
For a good reason: in 2008 97% of americans deeply hated him, if he showed in public it would not last two minutes before he would be running for his life.
But who noticed it?
That helps to understand:
- why illuminati religion can claim to have achieved the goal of endless deception;
- what will happen after the ethnic civil war is launched, in particular if the illuminati will not be able to supervise it and will happen inevitably after the act "Collapse of Banks with anhilation of savings and pension funds of human cattle" (4).
- why the illuminati Supreme Leader did not dare multiply by 12 (only by 11) Romney's votes. Or in other words why illuminati did not dare "elect" "Romney".
Illuminati realized that:
- it would be impossible to let whites swallow the "victory" of "Romney" BEFORE "Obama" fully detonates: after GW Bush the whites are no longer ready to swallow "Republicans" in the winner role;
- it would be too risky to try tp successfully supervise the ethnic civil war until the "citizens disarmed" agenda is again upscaled.
Reminder of "Romney"'s only crowd: 80% were the 6,000 diverted from the Biktoberfest at Daytona Beach with the promise of free drinks and food.
On "election" day, despite selling it as a draw, illuminati were able to gather only slightly over 1,000 to celebrate an eventual "RMoney" "victory". That is just the double of the average RMoney´s "rallies".
And that proves that the illuminati claim to have achieved the goal of endless deception is not completely justified.
(1) October 31; WILLARD toupee RMoney will be "elected" with 60+ million votes 45th president. What happens next?
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(2) "Obama" cries non-stop: "Obama" was not psychologically prepared to carry the burden for a few more days than planned.
(3) The war will be launched shortly after Social Security defaults. Supervised riots.
"Obama" is accused of fraud, treason and murder, stripped of all titles, with Hillary Clinton declared 44th President, the succesor of GW Bush.
It will go FULL scale with "Obama" sentenced to "death" by SCOTUS.
(4) Brainwashed NATziO AIR FORCE pilots ready to bomb millions of US/EU citizens as revolt about to break.
World War III is as simple as this: illuminati air bombing 99% of the population:
**ALL** THREE stages began in Syria: 2011 airforce bombing own civilians, 2012 foreign mercenaries, 2013 massive chemical attacks:

More than *** 90% *** of the world population is ruled by ** Alexander ADOLPH HITLER **, born 1940.
Father's uncle of current Illuminati's LEADER is most widely known man in History, together with Buddha, Jesus & Muhammad.
His real name is exactly the same:

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