Feb 5, 2016

Fixed Super Bowl 50 for dummies Cam Newton goes from Superman to Incredible Sulk

Fixed Super Bowl 50 for dummies
Reminder of Last Prophet's words not only predicting but also explaining it.

Super Bowl 50 sponsored by Turkish airlines
Illuminazis mocking the Obamanation of Desolation. just before the BIG BANG.

Black Panthers: quarterback Cam Newton will go from hero to zero
Part of the same script as "Broncos white shirts" vs "Panthers black shirts", white shirts always win.
Agenda: "white elders supervising manhunt for blacks", about to start, with Obama's staged arrest and "US shutdown": termination of food stamps for 40 million blacks.

White elder Peyton Manning goes from "on drugs" to superman
Oldest quarterback ever to play and win a Super Bowl: "Peyton Manning's very last game" is a reverse script of the "played on drugs" role in what was originally scrited as the very last SUPERBOWL 2014.

Beyoncé's half-time show
Last time the main agenda was satanic symbology in plain sight, same as the rest of the show since 2014 and the opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympics 2012.
This time the main agenda is the same as all headlines "black shot by police", all psy-ops staged with actors setting the stage for rioting blacks, alias the manhunt for blacks.

Global Genocide Symbology
That's one of the agendas for having the Denver Broncos win:
- the logo evokes the white horse in the Book of Revelations, the first of the four horses of the Apocalypse.
- Denver International Airport is one of the main locations used to pass truth in plain sight about how the show is to be terminated: the slaughter of billions.
Added after the "match"
Cam Newton Dressed as "The Death", parallel reversed script to captain of Korea Ferry.
Apr 2014 - South Korea Ferry captain first appearnace dressed as "The Death", as he was "arrested" two days after playing a key role in the mass murder of hundreds of teenagers, slowly drowning inside the capsized ferry. Climax of thisi lluminati ritual sacrifice of young blood: the death comes while talking to their parents on the phone,
Contrast it with the Panthers quarterback forced to dress the same way after he was forced to play "Scam Newton" in Superbowl 50, BEFORE the mass slaughter of blacks starts.

Cam Newton goes from Superman to Incredible Sulk in poor postgame showing
Cam Newton cries and walks out of interview after Kaepernick mocks him
Cam Newton walks out of Super Bowl press conference after giving one-word answers

People boycotted Beyoncé after her Super Bowl song sent a harsh message to police

In the worlds of illuminati media passing part of the truth in plain sight (no mention of the mural paintings or that one of the terminals is decorated with a massive statue of Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of death).
Atlas Obscura on Slate is a blog about the world's hidden wonders.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Denver International Airport, where the local time is 3:43pm. On behalf of outraged residents we'd like to draw your attention to the demonic blue horse rearing in rage on your left. His official name is Blue Mustang, but locals call him Blucifer. 
Blucifer, the Murderous Mustang of Denver Airport ... installed in 2008 ... it has ... come to represent death, destruction...
Denver airport itself has attracted some wild conspiracy theories over the years. ... Why are the runways shaped ... sort of .. like a swastika

The season ending with superbowl 50 will be declared a scam, not legit.
Superbowl, 2015: Patriots will be stripped, Seahawks proclaimed the real very last winners.

43-8: Illuminati Supreme Leader announces the impossible result two days in advance
Parody about Simulated Reality to terminate the world as the human cattle knows it

Marshall Plan, the resurrection of Germany with the largest capital injection a country ever got from another country: meaning revealed worldwide first

Jan 2016 - Super virus pandemic hoax: Zika follows ebola for mandatory vaccination: GLOBAL kill shot

Talk of titles at the end of the show:
Not even this beats America's pope, the Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation.
"Dick" Cheney currently plays "Yes We Will (Raise Taxes)" Bernie Sanders, Cliven Bundy and even a pope: the leader of all world's shi'a muslims, ayatollah Khamenei.
Lots of facts about US presidents exposed first by Last Prophet by simply listing Obama's official and unofficial presidential tables, present and future:
Obama, world's most lonesome president ever as presidential tables will show days after Obama's staged arrest.
Obama's presidential tables include ELEVEN where he's alone FOREVER - EIGHT of them officially.

Apr 2014 - South Korea Ferry sacrifice of young blood

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